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Creepy Cartoon Conspiracy Theories That Will Make You Rethink Your Childhood

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Oh hello there. Don’t mind me, I’m just here to ruin your childhood. Because with adulthood, comes many things: bills, beards, and the latent realisation that Pepe LePew was a complete sexual predator. As if our collective childhoods hadn’t been tainted enough by Ken off Corrie’s arrest.

Here are the most messed up cartoon conspiracies we could find:

The Smurfs Is Actually A Thinly Veiled Allegory For White Supremacy And Anti-Semitism

black smurf According to this theory, the ickle white hats that The Smurfs wear aren’t due to a knack for colour coordination. Oh no, it’s in reference to the hoods donned by another well known racially exclusive clan of buds: The KKK. And what of Papa smurf? Well, he wears a red cap, in reference to those worn by the Grand Wizards of the clan as I’m sure we all know. Which would totally explain the time the Smurfs causally Heiled-Hitler and the image of Aryan perfection that is Smurfette. Their perfectly functioning Utopia’s only threat is a big nosed greedy ‘Jew’ called Gargamel, who wants to turn them into gold, obviously. His cat Azrael, even has a bonafide Hebrew name!

Then there was all that uproar about the comic strip where the Smurfs caught a disease that made them turn black and speak in monosyllabic grunts. Awks. I’m not sure how much of this is true, as one commentator on the theory summarised; ‘To me, they resemble a particularly douchey fraternity – no one ever wears shirts; they live in mushrooms and this one girl gets passed around by the whole gang.’

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