Cam Girl Jessica Wilde Reveals The Truth Behind Her ‘Glamorous’ Profession

Jessica Wilde

It’s a different story behind the camera.

As unbelievable as it might seem to some people in this day and age, you can actually make a living – well actually a shit tonne of money – as a girl by posing in front of a webcam, talking dirty and acting sexy for vague perverts on the internet.

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Whilst this might seem appealing to a lot of girls out there as an occupation and is definitely appealing for a lot of guys out there judging by their revenue streams, it’s not quite that simple as Jessica Wilde reveals in the video below. In case you’re unaware – sure you are – Wilde is a popular Cam Girl with over 25,000 subscribers on YouTube. But whilst it might seem like a glamorous lifestyle to some, she breaks it down in the video below about how it’s not really anything like that at all:

Damn girl. Kinda sucks that she’s lost a lot of friends and her boyfriends all end up hating her, but I suppose she’s completely loaded and doesn’t really have to work that much so it’s swings and roundabouts.

She also seems pretty sensible about her money and her future plans too, which is pretty refreshing and respectful as well. She still seems to be camming some time after this video was made though, so maybe she hasn’t got it all figured out like she might lead us to believe.

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