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Cannabis Honey

This Guy Has Trained Bees To Make Cannabis Honey

They’re calling it CannaHoney.


This Guy Has Trained Bees To Make Cannabis Honey

A couple of videos and news stories have appeared today about a guy who has apparently trained bees to make Cannabis Honey.

His name is Nicholas Trainerbees (pretty convenient name huh – apparently it’s a nickname he’s adopted to highlight his profession) and he’s a 39 year old guy from France who is a locksmith, artisan, beekeeper and strong advocate for medicinal marijuana. Since 2006, he’s been working on a method of getting bees to make cannabis honey from marijuana and finally made a breakthrough in 2013 where he was able to train bees to take cannabis resin to their hives and develop honey.

Nicholas says that his research so far has determined that the honey has the same effects as cannabis thanks to the THC and CBDs found in it, which make it both beneficial in a medicinal way and a getting stoned kind of way. It also has a nice floral flavour depending on which strain of cannabis the honey is derived from.

At the moment Nicholas is still working in his native France alongside his wife where he has 30 hives that are currently in production. He’s aiming to move to Spain soon to set up a bigger operation though as laws are less restrictive and there are more ‘professionals’ down there who can help analyse his results and develop the project further.

There are a couple of videos doing the rounds on Facebook which are trying to prove that this is real to us too:

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Sounds too good and too fantastic to be true right? Well, it’s possible that it could be but it’s also possible that Nicholas might have cracked it.

After doing some research (re: one Google search), I discovered that bees are only usually attracted to plants that produce both pollen and nectar, and that nectar is required to make honey. However, in times of floral dearth bees can be attracted to cannabis as a pollen source – however it still doesn’t have the nectar in it that is required to make traditional honey.

Nicholas hasn’t actually said that he creates honey here though, but rather he has developed a’ training technique whereby I have primed the bees to collect the cannabis resin and use it in the beehive’. As such, it isn’t actually cannabis honey but is the next best thing, at least according to Nicholas in that it’s a gloopy mixture made from cannabis resin. We’ll take that.

I’m really hoping this is true and not a hoax, and there seem to be a bunch of pictures and sites spreading the news to make me believe it, but I’m just not 100% sure. If any scientists out there can shed any light on it for us, then please let us know. I mean if Kosher Marijuana can be real, then this has got a chance too, right?

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