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Adam Johnson

Adam Johnson Has Lost So Much Weight In Prison He Looks Like A ‘Heroin Addict’

Hard times for the convicted paedophile.


Adam Johnson Has Lost So Much Weight In Prison He Looks Like A ‘Heroin Addict’

It’s been a hard few moths for Adam Johnson and it looks like it’s become even harder for him, as reports are saying that he’s looking completely haggard and resembles a heroin addict at this point of his prison sentence.

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There is some good news for Johnson though, as it seems as though he may have rekindled his relationship with the mother of his child Stacey Flounders. Here’s what a source from inside Moorlan Jail in South Yorkshire had the following to say about it all:

He seems to have had a rough start to prison life. He looks like a heroin addict with his black eye sockets. He’s lost so much weight he’s just skin and bone.

If you saw him, you’d do a double take. He is on the sex offender wing, which is home to some horrendous monsters.

One prisoner chanted, ‘Johnson, leave those kids alone’ when his father and Stacey came to visit. I think his visiting rights were withdrawn for three months as a result.

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The visit was two hours and Johnson and Stacey had at least an hour together while Dave waited in the car. They held hands and Adam managed a few smiles.

Stacey said she is planning a holiday to Vegas — I doubt that cheered him up much.

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No shit, I doubt it did at all. Still I suppose it’s nice they might be getting back together, although if Stacey’s planning on going to Las Vegas it seems as though she was probably just holding hands with Johnson for support because he’s looking so terrible in there and is probably getting beaten up/raped all the time.

Definitely doesn’t sound like he’s having a good time in there, but hey if you do the crime then you’ve gotta do the time. Can’t help thinking that although what Johnson did was undeniably wrong that he’s been stitched up a bit with the lengthy prison sentence because he’s essentially an idiot but I guess that’s the way the law works.

I hope his hairdressing classes are at least going well.

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